Taking our heritage towards a new future

Building on 85 years of heritage since 1930, we are keeping our know-how and expertise about manufacturing superior quality watches,
but we are adding a cutting edge, modern yet timeless design.

Swiss Made

Staying true to our culture, everything is based on Swiss quality standards and as always, building quality takes first priority. Only 5% of all watches worldwide are made in Switzerland, with Manfred+Cracco claiming a strong presence within these charts.

The Cross

A unique design element, engraved in the sapphire crystal and on the crown of our watches. It functions as a quality label and symbolises the Manfred & Cracco duo, our vision and our growth towards the future and the dynamics of our wearer when the crystal reflects at the incidence of light.


Mix and match to suit your mood! We created convertible straps to match your mood, outfit or occasion, symbolising the dynamics and flexibility of our wearer.


In our 85 years of proficiency, we have hunted the entire globe only to find the best suppliers and collaborations. Manfred+Cracco stands for superior quality materials, without losing our sense for fashion. Both design and quality complement each other, which leads to timeless watches that last a life span.