Meet Richard, the mastermind behind AOOA.TV

If you are searching for an overdose of awesomeness, look no further: Meet Richard Van Der Vieren, founder of AOOA.TV! He travels the world and captures everything on camera, leading to funny, awesome and crazy videos! 

“Empowering the Earth with Awesomeness since 1982” has been Richard Van der Vieren’s motto since day one. Over the past decade, this young Belgian creative has been running AOOA.TV (which stands for An Overdose of Awesomeness), a successful production business providing promotional movies for events and brands.

A growing reputation

From music to extreme sports or fashion apparels, Richard has been slowly but surely imposing his mark all around the world. He has been lucky enough to travel in loads of countries imposing his dynamic style of filming and editing. His work certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed over the years and it has already led him to various notorious collaborations such as with Netsky, RedBull, Steve Aoki, Vice or Jupiler. As AOOA.TV’s skills grow bigger, Richard has now expanded his team but also his equipment to deliver quality productions that fits his reputation.

Iceland photoshoot

His quality work is also the main reason we decided to work with Richard and name him one of our Manfred+Cracco brand ambassador. He has already made our VEGA, JACKIE, MADDIS and MORRIS watches travel to Iceland, a place he came back from with stunning pictures. Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for more updates!



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