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International Warranty

You can download the full International Warranty & Maintenance here. 

In order to enjoy all of its features, please, read the instructions carefully. Make sure that the Manfred+Cracco International Guarantee section is filled in properly, enabling you to claim warranty service, should the need arise. (Warranty limited as specified in the Guarantee section).

Your Manfred+Cracco watch is guaranteed against all manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from the date of its original purchase. During the guarantee period the repair will be free of charge for labour and parts, if the technical service accepts the defective part to be a result of a manufacturing fault. This guarantee will be granted only, when the original guarantee section, duly stamped by the retailer and completed with the date of purchase and reference number of the watch, can be presented with the defective watch. None of these data may be altered, deleted, removed or made illegible. The free-of-charge guarantee service can be refused if the warranty information in this booklet is incomplete or illegible.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you’ll receive the same model in case of replacement due to availability. If this is the case, a similar watch of equal value and appearance will be provided. There will be no cash refund.

  • Damage to the crystal, crown, pushers, battery, push-pins, buckle or watch band;
  • Battery end of life;
  • Requests for replacement or reimbursement;
  • Damage to the watch and strap being a consequence of normal wear and tear or caused by mishandling, accidents, loss, theft or misuse due to non respect of instructions for use and maintenance;
  • Cost of transport and all risks of transport related directly or indirectly to the guarantee of the product;
  • Repairs done and batteries replaced by a non professional watchmaker or not authorised technical service or done by the customer himself;
  • Damage or defect due to water infiltration such as:
  • after repair, if no water resistance test was performed after a battery replacement or repair;
  • by not pushing the crown back down;
  • by leaving the watch in a humid environment such as shower, sauna or bathroom.

Please don’t expose your watch to extreme heat. This can cause the metal components to expand and create tiny openings that allow water to penetrate the watch.

  • Any damage caused by inappropriate use, such as sharp knocks, extreme heat, cold or magnetic fields;
  • Postage, insurance and other non-repair expenses are excluded from warranty;
  • Damage of the case/straps by not changing the straps correctly and damage to or loss of the spring bar;

Like any object, your watch is negatively affected by dust, perfume, perspiration, pool and sea water. Salt crystals from the skin could attack the metal of the case and the band, the crown and leather strap. We recommend that you clean your watch with a slightly damp, soft cloth. The metal and the gold plating will retain their original colour and lustre longer.

Metal bands on watches with a minimum water resistance of 5 atm can be washed with cold water and a mild soap.

Make sure that the crown is pushed into place, and that the crystal is in good condition before making any contact with water. Never use hot water. Have a professional watch-repair service replace the battery. A professional watch maker knows how to check the gaskets and how to replace them, if necessary. Always explicitly ask to check the water resistance, to make sure your watch remains water resistant and to keep the warranty after a battery replacement or repair.

Our leather straps are manufactured of quality materials, so we recommend to handle them with care! You can clean the leather using a leather care product, but please test the product on a small part of the leather to make sure there’s no adverse reaction and read the label instructions carefully. Don’t use chemical products on the material.

Limit the exposure of the leather straps to heat, direct sunlight or damp environments. Note that color transfer can occur when using the product.

The most important reason of non-functioning of the watch is the effect of water or humidity. Therefore we advise to regularly have a look at your watch to see if all parts necessary to keep the water out are still in good working condition: crown, pushers, crystal. When damage or defects in one of these parts is detected, avoid all contact with water.

You will find the degree of water resistance of your watch engraved in the case back.

This degree does not mean literally that you can submerge your watch up to this depth. It indicates a standard fabrication norm, that guarantees that your watch has been tested to withstand an atmospheric pressure, proving that all elements and gaskets are well in place and efficient. The water resistance will last in time, depending on the use of the watch. If any part, necessary to keep water and humidity out of your watch is deficient, missing or broken the mechanism of your watch might be affected, disturbed or blocked. We advise a water resistance test every year, best before the bathing season.

After each operation, you must always push the push down crown back down to ensure that your watch remains water-resistant.

The scheme below shows the correct interpretation of the different case back inscriptions on your watch.

Schermafbeelding 2015-11-05 om 14.57.38

  • 3 ATM: the watch resists to accidental contact with water and normal perspiration. It means no immersion in water like showering or bathing, neither for swimming nor aquatic sports. It includes no exposion to the direct flow of water under pressure (crane, hose, shower, …).
  • WATER RESISTANT 5 ATM: this watch resists to occasional immersion. An annual control of the sealing gaskets is necessary.
  • WATER RESISTANT 10 ATM: the watch is suited for all aquatic sports, except diving. An annual control of the sealing gaskets is necessary.
  • WATER RESISTANT 20 ATM: the screwed crown, the thickness of the crystal and packings have been especially designed to withstand pressure of 20 atm. Make sure that the crown is entirely screwed, before you go into the water. An annual control of the sealing gaskets is necessary.

If you have any extra questions regarding our warranty guidelines, please contact our customer service team: or send your question directly via our contact page.

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