We sat down with Olivier, better known as motorcycle repairshop Gallows. He describes himself as spending every spare second on vintage motorcycles & cars. Very often to be find at the local Barbershop. Read more

How did you start in the motorcycling business?

Well my father and my grandparents have always been in the automobile industry. So I guess, I got the motorcycling bug at an early age. As soon as I had enough money, time and space to focus on that, I started to dab into it. That was around the time I was 20.

Where does the name Gallows come from? 

The name actually originated from the name they give to people from Ghent, Belgium: “Gentse Strop“, which translates to Gallows. And since I’m a proud Buffalo, I decided to take that name (Buffalo refers to the soccer team of Ghent).

How important is precision in your job?

It’s very important, actually it’s the most important thing when dealing with mechanics. If you want to be part of the greatest, you have to be close to perfect. So precision is a big part of your day-to-day so it’s part of my job to strive to be the best.

The technical aspect is always the same, it’s the creative way you deal with it that’ll make a difference.

What advise would you give someone who wants to be the next Gallows?

Listen to experienced people. But also do what you feel is best for you, not necessarily what people think is best for you.  That’s the only thing that’ll help you move forward in this world. If you look at the top customizers in the world right now, they all have their distinctive styles, and that’s why people gravitate towards them.

What’s the craziest customization someone ever asked you?

I wouldn’t necessarily say craziest but I’ve refused customizations for a large sum of money for the simple reason that it didn’t fit my style. I’ll never compromise my creativity to be commercial.

What can you tell us about the Swiss watch you’re wearing now, the VEGA?

The thing I like the most about this watch is it’s sleek design. I’m a fan sleek designs in general, because it just fits my personality. Precise, sleek, cool colors, the VEGA is definitely my top choice.


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