We couldn’t be more happy with this gorgeous photoshoot so we reached out to Sanne, who travelled with us in Iceland.

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Sanne is a 30 year old working mom but kicking-ass like in her twenties! At the moment she’s working as a Marketing Director at Fast Forward Shop, a sneakerstore based in Mechelen. Looking at her “so fresh and so clean” Instagram account, we wanted to know a little bit more about this beauty (with brains!), her minimal & retro style (digging the vintage vibe) and the little cutie dancing and running around the house.

What do you do for a living?

I used to work as a social therapist in a psychiatric and forensic setting for prisoners with a personality disorder. I did this for 5 years but I decided I was in for something fresh! I started working for the sneakershop Fast Forward, the owners are close friends and we make an awesome team! I’m a sneaker freak, which comes in handy when being a working mom. Time-management is key! And wearing cool sneakers while doing it, is even better.

What are a few things you love?

  • My daughter, no doubt. We make such a great team and we are so strongly connected. She’s my favorite of all favorites!
  • I like flaws, I think they make things interesting! (Note: not if you’re Beyoncé)
  • Calathea plants, definitely! Their day-night rhythm is better than mine!
  • I love to surprise, but I’m always so noisy so I get caught before the action
  • I also love to create, that’s why I started a print screening course and right now, I am working on another project, but that’s still a secret…
  • I love to do things secretly!

How did you get invited to Iceland with AOOA.TV?

I know Richard (mastermind of AOOA.TV) for many years now. We grew up in the same village and share many mutual friends and have common interests, like taking pictures and capturing moments. He tricked me into posing as a model for the Manfred+Cracco shoot. I thought I was helping him out in Iceland, carrying his stuff, handing him the watches… But all of a sudden I was standing in front off the lens!

You look pretty comfortable in front of the camera though!

I’m definitely not a model. It makes me feel kind of insecure. In my opinion: if it was a good picture, it was a lucky shot!

What is your favorite destination?

I can’t tell you my favorite destination yet… Iceland is absolutely a must-see! The energy out there is crazy, I would love to go back. I have seen so many beautiful places, but I must see many many more before answering that question. Ask me again in 30 years!

Which Manfred+Cracco watch is your favorite?

Definitely the Vega Brown!

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